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V/A – Sound The Alarms! 2×LP


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Totally great international compilation, put together by the fine folks at Maximum RocknRoll magazine and radio.

Has not one, but two HeartFirst bands, MÜLLTÜTE and RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA. Also many other great bands from around the world.

A1 The Fight – Ask

A2 Mülltüte – Schlinge

A3 Silla Eléctrica – Es Lo Que Hay

A4 Synthetic ID – Satellite Visions

A5 Total War – Slow Death

A6 No Statik – End Of Time

A7 Dictadura – Hartos De Todo

A8 Permanent Ruin – Paybacks Paid

B1 Vivisektio – Tuhlattu Elämä

B2 Giffords Treatment – Anachronism

B3 Question – Identity

B4 Lotus Fucker – Another Song About Flowers

B5 Ruidosa Inmundicia – Decepcion

B6 Anti You – Luci /Ombre

B7 Verrugas – Revuelta

B8 Orden Mundial – Generacion Criminal

B9 Kuudes Silmä – Sieluton

C1 Nuclear Spring – In The New Regime

C2 Gutter – Fixed Solutions

C3 Entre Rejas – Repúdio à Guerra

C4 Estampido – Jello Biafra Baja La Panza

C5 Sietokyky – Ruumiinkieli

C6 Hondartzako Hondakinak – Bereizketarik Ez

C7 I.R.A. – Depresion

C8 Πανδημία – Divine Tragedy

D1 DHK – Kuantos Niñxs Mueren???

D2 Kvoteringen – Ta Mitt Liv

D3 Kontatto – Non Li Sopporto Più

D4 Lei Do Cão – Relapso

D5 Cülo – I’m An Anti

D6 Maailmanloppu – Huuto Yössä

D7 Obediencia – Miedo

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