About this website

Why hardcorepunkvinyl?


“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” (Winston Churchill)

It’s time that more of us, who were actually there, write our punk stories about back then and now.


This website is organized by Flo (he, him), the person behind HeartFirst Records and Norwegian Leather Records, ex-writer for The Bonzen fanzine. The website wouldn’t be possible without the help of many friends.

I used to have a blog elsewhere and post stuff on Facebook, but it’s high time to un-Zuckerberg and un-Google DIY punk content on the web.

You probably expect MP3s of hot tunes here, but instead you just get blurry pictures and senseless rambling, I am very sorry. Now get with the program!

About the pictures

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures were taken by myself. This website comes across retro, that’s because we took most pictures back then. Today, most photos I take at gigs aren’t really posting-worthy. Also everyone and their mother takes smartphone pictures at gigs. It’s annoying. 


Whenever something isn’t by me, I ask for permission and give credit. This can be a bit tricky because sometimes I don’t know who took certain pictures. I follow these general rules for pictures on this website: 

  • I post pictures I took myself.
  • I post pictures that were sent to me over the decades as prints (for example, by pen pals).
  • I ask my partners in crime to let me post their pictures.
  • For flyers, I post most of them for documentary purposes, no matter where they are from. 


Don’t just take stuff from here and pretend it’s your own. Nothing here is watermarked because it just looks shit, but respect the work of the creators.

Should you ever find something here that you don’t want published, please let me know. Maybe you’re a famous person now and don’t want the world to know about your punk rock past.


The makers of this website want to hear from you if you want to share some knowledge about our topics.

Photo by Mosh Krüger

Label infos

Ramblings about how you should run your small label. Now that it's almost too late I bring my experience to the web. Who cares?


Does the world need another blog? Probably not.

Vinyl culture topics

I like DIY punk vinyl culture. I hate mainstream vinyl culture. And I hate record collectors. Go figure.