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Hardcore. Punk. Vinyl.

This website is the home of band pictures and flyer artwork from the West-Berlin Hardcore days, HeartFirst Records, Norwegian Leather Records, and other info about hardcore punk bands and vinyl records past and present. 

Punk bands live

Gig pictures of punk bands from the 1980s to the modern days.

Vinyl culture

Talk about vinyl records and how to produce, distribute, buy, and play them.  

Norwegian Leather

Celebrating the N-beat since forever.

HeartFirst Records

Bringing you international hardcore punk bands on 7″ vinyl since 1990.  

Tech talk

Writing about the mechanics of vinyl, vinyl production, and about turntables.

Buy stuff

To buy vinyl from HeartFirst and Norwegian Leather:

  • Go to the store on this website (you have to send an email cuz the shop isn’t ready yet)
  • You can buy on Discogs from the HeartFirst store (if you like to pay more and want to support web platforms).
  • You can write an email and order directly. This will be cheaper for you.
  • We like to deal direct! Feel free to ask about wholesale rates if you run a distro.

From the blog


Old HeartFirst mailorder list

I recently went through old piles of papers and found a copy of a photocopied old HeartFirst mailorder list. I used to send those out every other month in the 80s and 90s. Between 1986…

HERESY live in 1987

Here are some HERESY live pix from 1987 from Alte TU-Mensa in West-Berlin. This gig had HERESY, CHUMBAWAMBA, BLYTH POWER, and POISON GIRLS playing. It was a benefit gig for political prisoners, or rather an…