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Picture of dirty technics DJ turntable
Technics SL-1210 turntable with nail

Spinning Records


Some call it DJing

Sometimes people let me play vinyl records in public. This can be risky. I would not really call myself a DJ. DJs of the hip-hop or techno kind are true artists who know how to do beat-matching, scratching, and such things. I have zero such skills.

I’m just someone who shows up with some vinyl records and I play them one after the other. Ideally at the correct speed.

Over the last decades, I’ve played records at these places: 

– AJZ Bielefeld
– Be-Part Festival, Esslingen
– Cafe Kopfeck, München
– Cassiopeia, Berlin
– Friesenstraße, Bremen
– Gun Club, Hamburg
– Kafe Marat, München
– Pelmke, Hagen
– Jennerwein, München
– Koma-F, Berlin
– Orangehouse, München
– Störtebeker, Hamburg
– Südstadt, München
– Sunny Red, München
– Tommyhaus, Berlin
– Zoro, Leipzig

There were probably some more parties and sessions, but I forgot. Let me know! 

I very much enjoyed playing, among others, with DJ Wuchtbrumme, SAGAN/KABUKI, Däne Mark, Barox

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