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BANNLYST – Mørk Tid 7″


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A new BANNLYST EP, not a re-release! Two and a half unheard songs from 1985. The lost final recordings before the members started moving from Molde to Oslo. Killer stuff! The tape with these recordings was found some years ago when a band member moved house. Totally classic Norwegian Hardcore Punk.
Also included is a remastered version of Terrorstyre (their other 1985 hit) and the full version of 40000 Døde Barn, the old version on the Blitz Live LP cuts off. We now found the complete song on a tape.

Released in cooperation with CEASE FIRE!

Songs on the EP:
A1) Bare En Slave (1985)
A2) Mørk Tid (1985)
A3) Hvit Natt Intro Outro (1985)
B1) Terrorstyre (1985, from “Nå Eller Aldri” compilation)
B2) 40000 Døde Barn (1992)

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