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WASTED TIME – Futility LP blue vinyl


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Great fast US-hardcore punk Richmond, Virginia. This LP was released in time for their European tour in 2009. RIP Brandon! Alex, the bassist, released this LP for the USA on Grave Mistake.

This is the European press of their first LP on blue vinyl (150 made) on La Familia.

A1 Futility 1:19

A2 White Noise 1:56

A3 Black Mold 1:21

A4 Smile And Fuck 1:14

A5 For The Fatherland 2:13

B1 Has Been 1:49

B2 Burning Bridges To Keep Warm 2:13

B3 Isolationist 1:33

B4 Hate Me 1:45

B5 Withdrawal 2:29