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V/A – Fear Persuasion Violence Obedience 2×10″


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Pretty crazy compilation with big names. It’s like a double split 10″.

10 inches are a horrible format, so why not make a 2 × 10″. Came out on Wiggy Records in 1995.

A1 Cripple Bastards – Intro

A2 Cripple Bastards – Italia Di Merda

A3 Cripple Bastards – September 18th, 1993

A4 Cripple Bastards – Images Of War/Images Of Pain

A5 Cripple Bastards – Ragman

A6 Cripple Bastards – Spero Venga La Guerra (by WRETCHED)

A7 Cripple Bastards – Asti Punx

A8 Cripple Bastards – Devozioni?

A9 Cripple Bastards – Huutoja (by VARAUS)/Paranoiac

A10 Cripple Bastards – Padroni

A11 Cripple Bastards – Stimmung

A12 Cripple Bastards – Nothing On Earth

A13 Cripple Bastards – Mass Media (by INDIGESTI)

A14 Cripple Bastards – Authority?

B1 Capitalist Casualties – Kill Our State

B2 Capitalist Casualties – Roll Over And Play Dead

B3 Capitalist Casualties – Swallowing The Guilt

B4 Capitalist Casualties – Fashion

B5 Capitalist Casualties – Free Damage

B6 Capitalist Casualties – Critical Acclaim

B7 Capitalist Casualties – Shut The Fuck Up

C1 Masskontroll – Intro

C2 Masskontroll – Countdown To Annihilation

C3 Masskontroll – Pain, Bloodshed And War

C4 Masskontroll – An Exercise In Pointlessness

C5 Masskontroll – Life Ceases, Profit Increases

D1 Warpath – Cheif Seattle

D2 Warpath – Hate Crimes

D3 Warpath – Christian Headfuck

D4 Warpath – Starve To Feed

D5 Warpath – Cage