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RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA – Huellas De Odio 7″ EP green ink


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This is an eight-song scorcher that doesn’t let up. At least as good as their previous releases. They had their debut 7″ on Thought Crime and a split LP with SOLID DECLINE on Thought Crime/Residue and several compilation tracks.  If you’ve seen this band live, you know how great they are.

Silk-screened on an offset-printed cover in different colors. This is the green version.

  1. Callar Por Nada 1:13
  2. No Lo Acepto 0:42
  3. Contaminados 1:02
  4. Illusiones 0:29
  5. Limite 0:43
  6. Consados 0:48
  7. Escapar 0:34
  8. Despierta 0:49