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CODE 13 – Doomed Society 7″


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CODE 13 is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based hardcore punk band formed by ex-members of DESTROY!, including Havoc Records founder Felix Havoc. Very fast, thrashy and rebellious hardcore punk.

They did a European tour in the 1990s together with my friends MVD from Berlin. The band made a surprising comeback in 2023 and played some festivals in the USA and Europe, keeping it real.

This is a first pressing original copy from 1995.

A1 Wrath Of Hut/Doomed Society

A2 Into The Whirlwind

A3 Dog Kontrol

A4 Poison Society

A5 Manufactured Identity

A6 We Will Fight Them In The Streets

B1 Off The Pigs

B2 Spokesman For No One

B3 The Future Is Futile

B4 Darkness At Noon

B5 Dog Killer

B6 Cities Will Burn