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ELECTRIC FUNERAL – D-Beat Noise Attack/Make A Change LP


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ELECTRIC FUNERAL from Sweden is one-man noise assault by Jocke of D-Beat Raw Punk label and the bands WARVICTIMS, PARANOID and some others. What you get here is – surprise – d-beat and raw punk and attack.

This LP came out on Shogun in France. In the meantime, ELECTRIC FUNERAL also have stuff out on Southern Lord.

A1 Hellish Afterworld

A2 End Of All Life

A3 Next Generation

A4 Bomb Raid

A5 D-Beat Noise Attack

A6 Equal Slaves

A7 Destroy And Rebuild

A8 Fight Back

B1 War Face

B2 Consuming Shit

B3 Rapes System

B4 Selling Death

B5 Make A Change

B6 Nightmares

B7 Human Error

B8 Wake Up And React