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BANNLYST in the UK, “The Station” book

Picture of bannlist tape

BANNLYST went on tour in the UK in 1985. Now we also have photographic evidence. The best-documented gig from the tour is the one at “The Station” in Gateshead on July 5, 1985. 

BANNLYST were on tour with SEARS, CIVILISED SOCIETY were supposed to also play, but didn’t show up. EISTENZ, NEW BLOOD, PAX VOBISCUM, and FAMOUS IMPOSTERS also played that night.

I love the flyer, it’s got top-notch advertising:
– Best gig ever.
– Come and be deafened beyond belief + bring your ale!!
– No glue and no glass bottles!

A live tape exists, but the sound quality is really bad. The sound person is fighting feedback almost through the entire set and the playing is so-so by BANNLYST standards. Also a guitar string breaks, of course.

My friend Sned (of Flat Earth fame) from the UK just released a great book about “Stories from the Gateshead Music Collective 1980-88 by those who were there”. You can find more info here, and order of course. It’s a great documentation of a really active DIY punk scene in the 1980s.

Included in the book are three BANNLYST live pictures, taken by Sean Harrison, and a picture of the flyer.  Sean was kind enough to let me use the photos in the photo section of this website. 

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