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CATHARSIS – Light From A Dead Star II 2×LP yellow vinyl


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CATHARSIS is an anarchist hardcore punk band from Greensboro, NC, releasing their albums through the CrimethInc. collective. In the 1990, they were one of the outstanding bands. Lyrically sincere and absolutely crushing musically.

This is a re-release by their strongest material on Refuse Records. This version is limited to 500 copies on yellow vinyl. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with 12×12 inch booklet.

A1 Passion…

A2 …Obsession

A3 Panoptikon

A4 Into The Eyeless Sockets Of The Night

A5 The Witch’s Heart

B1 Threshold: To Enter, The Heart Must Break

B2 Duende (The Soil Is Closer Than The Sky)

B3 Deserts Without Mirages

B4 Sabbat

C1 Sacred And Profane

C2 What The Thunder Said

C3 Unbowed

D1 Arsonist’s Prayer

D2 Absolution


A1 to B4 originally appeared on “Passion” LP (1999)

C1 to C3 originally appeared on split 12″ with GEHENNA as “Live in the Land of the Dead” (1998)

D1 originally appeared on split 12″ with NEWBORN (2001)

D2 exclusive to this compilation

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