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OUT COLD – Living Is Killing Me LP


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Very underrated American hardcore punk band from the Boston area. Originally formed in 1989, the band played on and off together for 20 years. In 2009, the band came to their final break-up due to the death of vocalist, Mark Sheehan (R.I.P. 1969-2010).

They have a ton of LPs and other releases out, most of which are great. This one is the European version of their final recording that came out in 2019. After the band split up, on 3 different labels. The US version came out on Sorry State Records.

A1 Breach 0:52

A2 The Dark Side Of Laughter 1:05

A3 You Love Nothing 1:20

A4 With Sympathy 2:30

A5 Dead Language 1:51

A6 Preemptive Stabbing 1:05

A7 Resentment 2:53

B1 Build It, Set It On Fire 1:16

B2 Hostage Crisis 3:00

B3 Idiot Trance 0:54

B4 The Biggest Cheat 1:23

B5 Synchronized Drowning 1:50

B6 Random Acts 1:06

B7 You’re Toxic 1:50

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