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Great LP by this Tokyo band. They were kinda young but played with SOTATILA and RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA on their tours. This is the vinyl version of their CD and it was a cooperation of Way Back When Records and R.I. Discos, the label of RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA.

Note: There are two versions of this LP, the first one has weak mastering. This version here is the improved second press with new and improved mastering.

A1 Deceived Life 2:07

A2 Chain 1:18

A3 In The Passing Way Time 1:27

A4 No Way To Hell 1:31

A5 Life With Opening The Cloudy Eyes 1:54

A6 My War 1:41

B1 Find Your Way 2:39

B2 Awaken 2:11

B3 Cut Off The Inferiority 1:31

B4 Light And Shadow 1:31

B5 Crime & Punishment 1:43

B6 With The Pride In The Heart 2:39