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PEACEBASTARD – Global Crisis 7″


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Second EP by this Berlin band. Straightforward DIY hardcore punk in the tradition of bands like UNHINGED, QUARANTINE, EBOLA, HEALTH HAZARD, or LOST WORLD etc. Has Elenor (ex-TO WHAT END) on vocals, Obst (ex-MVD on bass), Jerry (now-REACTORY on guitar), Toda (EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT and a million other bands on drums).

Silk-screened cover and a hand-stamped tag.

A1 War Naked   1:34

A2 Fuck Off   1:27

A3 Self Righteous   2:25

B1 Global Crisis   1:15

B2 You’re Fake   1:29

B3 Why Are We Not Able   2:00