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MK ULTRA – s/t 7″


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MK ULTRA were a Chicago band. They had a split EP with LOS CRUDOS and a split LP with SEEIN’ RED. MK ULTRA’s singer Ebro also drummed for CHARLES BRONSON and later LOS CRUDOS. As you can tell by the song titles here, he also writes great lyrics. He later also sang for PUNCH IN THE FACE and PITFALL.

This EP was released by Lengua Armada Discos. And like all their releases of that era, has a serious DIY touch going on the cover, with stamping and glued parts.

A1 Melt

A2 Bring Me The Head Of Tony Victory

A3 Hooray For The Unabomber

A4 Voyeur At A Car Wreck

A5 The Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull

B1 Once You’re Down

B2 Over The Counter Culture

B3 Universal Product Code

B4 Swept Under The Rug

B5 My Rules (by VOID)

B6 Killing For College Money