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THATCHER ON ACID were an English anarcho-punk band, which started in 1983. This EP is from around the time when they broke up.

Ben and Tuck went on to SCHWARTZENEGGAR, Tuck to WAT TYLER, now Ben is world-famous for playing in HARD SKIN. Some copies came with the following printed note:
“This EP is Ben Thatch’s solo “work”. “Thatcher on Acid” is on the cover out of necessity. If you have any complaints write to: Ben is a fucking rip-off bastard/PO Box 357/London SE19 1AD/UK”

This record was released in 1992 in the USA on Desperate Attempt Records.

A Clear As Mud

B1 Skin Banjo (Live)

B2 The Bus (by BUFFALO TOM)

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