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DEATH SENTENCE were one of the best Australian hardcore punk bands of the 1980s. Their legendary Ryan EP has been bootlegged etc. This compilation LP has the “Ryan-thanx for the support” 7″ on Side A and bonus material from the first demo, a studio recording from 1988, and a rehearsal track on side B.

This official re-release is on Thought Crime and 500 copies were made.

A1 Death Sentence 1:02

A2 Air that we breathe 0:44

A3 Moral Majority 0:33

A4 Benevolent intervention 1:42

A5 Balance of the nation 0:44

A6 Cease to exist 2:32

A7 Christian fanatics 0:32

B1 Wasted youth 0:40

B2 Poison in the machine 0:43

B3 Fear 0:35

B4 Push 0:45

B5 Understand 0:35

B6 Bitchin´ 1:28

B7 Life in a slum 1:53

B8 Release me from my cage 2:04

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