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KOLOKOL ‎– Flammer & Farger LP


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Totally great Norwegian release from 2007. This LP originally came out in the US. This is the European version on Twisted Chords with a big full-color booklet.

After two 7″ great EPs, on this LP KOLOKOL mix the most awesome elements of traditional Norwegian hardcore punk. Amazingly driving drumming, gruff vocals, and a guitarrist who combines the guitar styles of Roger (LIFE… BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? etc.) and Børre (BANNLYST, SO MUCH HATE etc.). Great lyrics on top of that.

Underappreciated record for sure.

A1 Ild & Bevegelse #1

A2 Ingen Mennesker

A3 Naviger

A4 Fra Margen

A5 Ild & Bevegelse #3

A6 Kode 6


B1 Protestant

B2 Kommen

B3 Ild & Bevegelse #4

B4 Jager

B5 Glør

B6 Vekst & Fall

B7 Ild & Bevegelse #6

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