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BANNLYST – Diskografi/Live At Blitz limited version 2×LP


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— Limited 1 per customer —

Special edition, limited to 200, combining the “Diskografi” LP and the “Live At Blitz” LP. It’s called the “Molde Blitz Speed Rock’n’Roll” edition. Very thick 2-color silk screened wrap-around cover as a bonus (so the release has two covers). Extremely heavy packaging, so the shipping is a bit more expensive.

The “Diskografi” LP has their songs from the split tape with ANGOR WAT (Knall Tapes, 1984), their 7″ songs (1985), “Terrorstyre” (from the “Nå Eller Aldri” 7″ compilation) and “Louie Louie” from an early demo tape recording. A total of 24 songs in 44 minutes with some of the best 1980s hardcore punk that ever came out of Europe.

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