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KRIGSHODER – Makt-demonstrasjoner: 20-22 12″


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Of current band’s releases in 2023, my favorite probably was this KRIGSHODER 12” (which has their demo songs).

It’s awesome hardcore the way it should be played. With great power, speed, and variation. This has a well-done SISTE DAGERS HELVETE cover song, but it doesn’t sound like typical Norwegian hardcore to me. Even though it’s obviously influenced by that style, and KRIGSHODER are Californians with a Norwegian vocalist.

Many descriptions of this record mention it sounds like SVART FRAMTID and other X-Port greats. I guess people mean well and it’s a compliment, but I guess they never heard SVART FRAMTID. Anyway, this record is awesome and you should get it if you like hardcore punk.

A1 Ditt Eget Stalingrad

A2 Hatet

A3 Kalde Kropper

A4 Ett Liv I Karantene

A5 Kaos & Depresjon

A6 Aktiv Dødshjelp


B1 Krigshoder

B2 Ditt Egetstalingrad

B3 Hatet

B4 Dødspulver

B5 Mannen Pa Taket (by Kjøtt)

B6 Hjernedød

B7 Algorytmisk Onani

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