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V/A – Starting From Zero LP


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Compilation on Crucial Response with an insane mix of bands. Has the most straightforward and fastest song that BURIAL ever recorded.

Comes with 14 page 12” x 12” booklet with photos and lyrics.

A1 Dogends – Viking Brothers

A2 Times Together – Look Beyond

A3 Injustice System – Nothing Human

A4 Crucial Section – Standing On The Front Line

A5 Commitment Crew – Thieves Of Time

A6 Zero Progress – Blur/Zero Power Madness

A7 Reproach – Ruins

A8 Sex Drive – Hand Of Death

A9 Right Idea – Think Free

A10 Snob Value – UrbanOverload/The Tenant

A11 Echoes – Out Of The Darkness/Brought For A Song

A12 Isolation – Final Round/Guilty

B1 Seein’ Red – Resisting Together/Hate Factories

B2 Salad Days – Uplift Song/Not In My Life

B3 Clocked Out – Not This Time

B4 Burial – Rule Of The Mob

B5 Night Prowler – Psychopath/Pigs

B6 Evolve – Silence

B7 Eye-Gouge! – All The Same/Born To Lose

B8 Sniffing Glue – We Are At War

B9 Become – Pendulum

B10 Citizens Patrol – Another Illusion Lost

B11 Skaggs – Basement Losers

B12 Vitamin X – Propaganda Control/Rise,Rage