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TEARGAS – The Way Of All Flesh LP


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TEARGAS were a totally great Australian band who played the Burning Spirits style better than most non-Japanese bands. I guess that’s why they also share a split EP with FORWARD who are the real deal.

I guess because they were from Brisbane and not from Sydney or Melbourne, they got less recognition. This record is a total powerhouse and a hidden gem. I also saw the band live in the US once, and they were really great (and nice dudes, too).

This LP was released on Hardcore Victim (from Australia) and NARM Discos (from Tokyo). Pick it up!

A1 The Way Of All Flesh

A2 Cheat The Wind

A3 Dark Half

A4 The Unblinking Eye

B1 The Shadow Over Dreams

B2 Cold Steel

B3 Pool Of Mercy

B4 Simple Future