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V/A – Mein Comp 7″ white vinyl


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Absolutely smoking 7″ compilation on Youth Attack – look at this list of great bands. In 2003, Youth Attack and Soviet State released this to celebrate George W. Bush.

Totally great lineup of US bands. This has to be one of the best 7″ compilations of the last 30 years.

This is on white vinyl.

A1 Knife Fight – United We Stand

A2 Fourteen Or Fight – Everything Is Not Alright

A3 Limpwrist – A Letter To The President

A4 The Oath – Bush Licked

A5 Punch In The Face – We’ve Got Bush

B1 John Brown’s Army – Royal Mess

B2 Tear It Up – Right Place, Right Time

B3 Gate Crashers – …In The Closet

B4 Reagan SS – ‘Mericuh

B5 Last In Line – Bomb Blast

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