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Great fast US-hardcore band from Chicago. PUNCH IN THE FACE have lots of veterans from other well-known bands from Chicago, including my man Ebro on vocals. First EP with 10 rippers.

Came out in 2002 on the legendary Lengua Armada Discos. Second press.

A1 Don’t Hurt Yourself Patting Your Back 0:41

A2 Beer Cold, TV Loud, Homosexuals Flaming 1:07

A3 Worst Episode Ever 1:33

A4 Take It Personal 0:49

A5 Cut The Shit, Start The Pit 0:45

B1 The Start Of Your Ending 0:42

B2 Sector 7-G 1:18

B3 My Dear, I Haven’t Learned A Thing 1:19

B4 Punch In The Face 1:09

B5 Shook Ones Pt. III 1:03

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