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Thrashcore band from Denville, New Jersey. Active from January 1998 until June 2000. One of the best bands of their era. Also really good live.

Came out in 1999 on Dead Alive Records and Slaughterhouse Records

A1 We’re Dead

A2 Panic Attack

A3 Welcome To My World

A4 Shattered I

A5 Skate Or Die!

A6 America Online

A7 Here’s A Quarter…

A8 Holes In The Wall

A9 War In The Streets

A10 Civil War

B1 Technology Crisis

B2 Treat Me Like An Animal

B3 Creep

B4 Shattered II

B5 Kill Me

B6 The Problem

B7 The Solution

B8 No Voice, No Choice

B9 Beginning To Break

B10 Dead End

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