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V/A – Stab To Kill Vol. 1 2×7″


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Crazy lineup of bands on this double EP compilation from 2003. Gorey artwork by Mike Bukowski.

Stab And Kill Records

A1 Think I Care – Mothafuck Yourself

A2 R’N’R – What’s Your Damage?

A3 Close Call – Paper Thin

B1 Bottom Line – Outstaying Your Welcome

B2 As They Fall – Neverending Story

B3 Some Kind Of Hate – Loose Lips Sink Ships

B4 Say Goodbye – Resting On Laurels

C1 The Prowl – Nightmare

C2 The Smut Peddlers – Riot At The Pier

C3 Tommy And The Terrors – Pull The Plug

D1 Fit For Abuse – Personal Attack

D2 The A-Team – Negative Space

D3 Glory Fades – Routinely Ignored

D4 Knife Fight – Follow The Leader

D5 Mental – Straight Jacket Mosh

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